Tremolo Bones

by Tremolo Bones

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released April 19, 2015




Tremolo Bones VIC, Australia

guitarist, song writer, farmer, surfer, father, husband, lover not a fighter, all of the above and some....

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Track Name: Making Angels
Dance with me in storm cloud of powder and passion my girl do you believe the way you feel when you breath in beauty come beauty go making angels making angels in snow circle around on a farers wheels swear to god you touched a star convince yourself you can levitate convince yourself you can navigate around the dark side of the moon crystals in your eyes shot gun folly they say it’s the luck of the draw line me up lay me down they say that there is never a frown with my mind she runs
Track Name: Honey Tongue
Paradise and Eden are beneath your skin my mind is at ease pleasure born of pain how fascinating it will all seem how charming will you be in the clear light of day sweet words from your honey tongue dripping chocolate in my ears delaying all my fears and so on sweet word from you honey tongue Inamorata take an interest in me Judas kiss with hazel eyes walk enchanted ground how illuminating it’ll all be velvet touched jasmine scented sugar coated lies Rogue knave empiric gypsy is she a saint away a devil near me necromancer how devastating it will all be artful over skilful liver a penny for your pride
Track Name: Hunting Ground
Its a happy hunting ground today all we ever wanted is in good supply being sure to use both hands equally well carefully baking our very own humble pie ride roughshod over the inglorious past go high in the saddle and straight ahead hurricane lamps cover the rising light so cradle the piggy bank when you run the carbine rings and so it begins again on your marks get set and go quick my friend and mind the hairpin bend at the end of a long hard day the hurdy-gurdy cranks a joyous tune a strange sound track to our fantastic life play it by ear but don’t be to cool boy all we ever wanted is locked in the head lights
Track Name: Lunar Dreams
Summertime fairs and salty hair cuts the flash photography was more than I could bear glimmer smiles and glam rock n roll styles for the boys in this neighbourhood they will never be this gorgeous again no way summertime girls and summertime boys congregating between the lipstick and eye teeth ice cream spoons and splintering marquee moon all remind me of summer time
Summertime wave and children on the water line and picnic blankets by the bay vending machines and lunar dreams on the mad mouse at your house 24 hours a day summertime sleep beautiful fire skies let people play let the very same disappear teenage love affairs and all her rights are reserved for you but only in this summertime
Track Name: Country Terrain
When will it ever rain when will my train go when will my brain follow I seem to have been to this place before it was when I wanted more then I needed how long will this sun shine its near on impossible to make it mine although I’ll try we climbed this windmill once before it was when we needed more than we needed clouds below the sky withhold the rain red gums falling across our burning country terrain black wood river runs dry Sugarloaf fire lights the night sky they may never forget to smile it seems like such a long while since they where breathing free we seem to have been to this place before it was when we fought to save a simple way how does this feeling grow sun and wind and rain and snow we shot the foxes I seem to have been to this place before it was when we where given what we needed
Track Name: Universe Envy
Envy was always your strongest suit trouble in my breast a toll taken always deep in calamity try your patience severe martinet precise with the heavy hand eye for an eye everything is as it should be take me softly as this night comes over us sun and stars in unison meet the sea at the sky everything is as it should be watch as ravens feast on your social skills tweak that perfect nose inauspicious darling guard the billings gate hold a candle to the curse
Track Name: Enough No More
No attempt to be free while away the time watchful waiting useless hours pass take pieces of me with you fill up the lie bide your time again undo me passively destruction stand tall fold your arms clasp your hands so let it be enough no more no more I said no more please leave me taking pieces as you go Inaction is cowardice so say Emerson was he talking about me silly pieces of innuendo I never once met him but every word he says rings true as if he grew up next to me though I know it isn’t you he said enough no more please leave me be fold you arms clasp your hand please him watch from a distance of safe love is there such a thing I would surely hope so these days come and go I will never forget you oh my love
Track Name: Broken Hands
Broken hands hang from the broken man he will plough on through the shifting sand no amount of rain will help her spirits grow a sleeveless football jumper reads 25 from a time in his life when he felt alive back into this ground all living things return and so his back will bend and his children will rise and so his lover she will love him this is the sound of life diesel blood pumps through his diesel veins as dollar signs they roll out on wagon train another day runs late as his body goes cold the wife and children will be waiting patiently for any old sign of levity the evening meal will be sealed with a hug and a kiss